Abbey Watson
Level 3 Beauty therapy, 2016
I completed my level 2 Beauty Therapy at another college then later enrolled to complete my level 3 Beauty Therapy qualification with Naillounge Training. The prestige quality of products and training used were incomparable to anything else I experienced which enhanced the depth of my learning. I am now a free-lance beautician providing my clients with nothing but the highest standard of treatments. My goal is to open a salon in the near future.
Faith Sobers
Level 2 Beauty Therapy & Level 3 Nail Tech 2015
Without the support and guidance from Naillounge Training, I would not have accomplished as much as I have in such a short amount of time. The Quality of my work has vastly improved in the last 10 months since qualifying. I am regularly offered jobs from some of the most prestige salons in London and have just accepted a team leader position at Nail’d it oxford circus. I have also become a freelance nail technician to a very high profile celebrity client. Thank you Naillounge Training for helping me improve my confidence in pursuing my freelance / private nail services which is vastly growing.
Creative Heads Inc.
I received one to one support and was continuously guided in every step of the way. Naillounge Training staff were sufficient, consistent, dedicated and catered for all my needs. I have now opened my business Aroma Avenue and have built up my very own clientele. I have recently progressed on to the Beauty Therapy Level 2 course which will add more of a variety of services to my fast-growing clientele base.
Natasha Jenkins
Level 2 Beauty therapy & Level 3 Beauty Therapy 2016
I cannot thank or recommend Naillounge Training enough, from the first enquiry to the level of professionalism and organization level provided, I cannot fault. I completed level 2 and level 3 Beauty Therapy and could not have been happier – the lecturer was passionate and super-efficient which made learning that bit easier and interesting. I left happy and with total understanding and could not wait to start my career as a salon owner all thanks to Naillounge Training. If you are researching for the best organisation to do the same then look no further, hands down this company will not disappoint. Thank you Naillounge Training for putting me where I am today and for continuous support.
Maria Costantinos
Level 2 Nail Tech 2017
I have been a single parent for 3 years and find it difficult to manage jobs in between my hectic life. I was browsing the internet and came acorss Naillounge Training. I called and spoke to an advisor and they managed to create me a course based on my time table. I juggled the course from attending scheduled training dates at the salon and from home where an educator was sent to me direct. The level of support, skills and relationship built between me and my educator was unbelievable. Naillounge Training helped my confidence grow and has given me the opportunity to provide an income from home. I am currently working as a free-lance nail technician and manage my diary around my children. I am now enrolling onto the level 3 Diploma in nails.
Emma Jo Louise
Level 3 Certificate in Stone Therapy Massage
I have been in the beauty industry for 4 years and look forward to beginning my day with a diary of clients. I am currently working in a busy beauty salon as a level 2 therapist. I have completed courses elsewhere in gel nails, lashes, waxing and spray tanning. I found that my passion was leaning more towards the holistic route of beauty therapy. I decided to further my career and upskill my qualifications and enrolled on to a hot stone course with Naillounge Training. I completed my intense training within three weeks. This was ideal for me and worked well with my work life. I have been fully supported. I will be enrolling on to the level three beauty therapy diploma later in the year.
Joanne Kyriacou
NVQ Level 2 Beauty Therapy, 2020
Enrolling on to one of Naillounge Training’s courses was the best thing I could have ever done. I studied level 2 beauty therapy over a duration of 8 weeks. The support I received from all the staff was outstanding, from assignment writing to practical, I loved every second. They really take the time to help and coach you through. Studying with Naillounge has enabled me to work in 5* spas in London doing what I love best. I was stuck in a sales job for over 3 years and worked hard to save to study here. I highly recommend.
Amina Patel
Gel Polish, 2020
My entire experience with Filiz was amazing. Very professional, fun and very thorough throughout the whole course. I am going back to learn Lashes and Brows. Thank you so much for giving me the confidence I needed.
Aimee Baker
NVQ Level 2 Nails, 2020
Kelsey jo
NVQ Level 2 Beauty Therapy, 2020
I cannot believe how a course has impacted me and my family’s life. Being a single mum of 3, being able to work from home and study at the same time has been the best gift ever. Learning beauty therapy has helped me build relationships within my community as well as seeing myself grow & develop, this has purified me as a person. I have passion and drive for business. I enrolled on a beauty course with no confidence. I left with a qualification and joined the most life changing business model ever. I am clear of benefits. The staff are very warm, kind, supportive and genuinely want to see you achieve your goals. Definitely not money wasted.
Shelly Mustafa
NVQ Level 3 Nail Tech & LVL lash lift, 2020
I studied level 3 nail technology and LVL lash lift. From the moment I started emailing for information, all my queries were answered very quickly. I was slightly hesitant as the travel was far for me. When I said I would come and see how long it would take me, I was invited to meet staff in person and was greeted with a latte & goodie bag!!  All the routines were demonstrated and filmed so we could watch the session whenever we wanted to from home. My treatments are very popular with my clients. Highly recommend even of you travelling from far. Defiantly worth the journey and the money.
Elif Muhetin
Eye lash Extensions, 2020
I was so excited to start my eyelash extension course, I finished my case studies within a few days. It was so straight forward and easy to understand even though I had no confidence in the beginning. Filiz was so patient and put me at ease. She even called me up a few weeks later to check up on how I was getting on. I am going back to Naillounge to get started on the business opportunity, then I am planning to build my businesses from home and work around my little one. I am so thankful for Naillounge for helping me lift my career off the ground. I’m so excited for the future.
Sophia Eliades
Waxing & Gel Polish, 2020
I am so happy that I decided to choose Naillounge Training. I did a lot of research in finding the right place to learn waxing and Gels. The staff were attentive and could really see they love helping people. We were provided with refreshments, work packs and a free treatment in the salon because they hit 10K on Instagram!! I am defiantly going back to learn body massage. Thank you Naillounge Training.
Megan Thompson
NVQ Level 2 Nail Tech, NVQ Level 2 Beauty Therapy
Me and my group are devastated our course has finished. I studied Level 2 Nail Tech & Level 2 Beauty Therapy and it was the best experience ever. I built such a great relationship with my tutor Filiz, she was so funny, kind, helpful and was there for me when I needed. When I was about to give up due to personal reasons, she never gave up on me. She was there for me and made sure I got through to the end. She coached and mentored me, I will never forget her and all the team at NLT.
Lisa Hughes
Intimate Waxing, 2020
I did the intimate waxing course and it was fantastic. I loved the fact it was me and another lovely therapist on the course so the training was taught efficiently. Naillounge Training are very professional and strict on standards which I love. Thank you for an amazing day. I’ll be sure to book again in the near future.
Bethany Harris
Indian Head Massage & Reflexology, 2020
The 4-day Indian Head Massage & Reflexology course was really informative and I learnt so much. My tutor Ellie was so supportive and helpful throughout. Even after the class finished at 4.30pm, she was still answering our questions till 5pm.  She was really detailed in what she was explaining so everyone understood. The size of the class was great so we got a lot of attention and guidance so I defiantly felt confident in carrying out these treatments in my salon. I really enjoyed the course and will be back. Defo worth the investment.
Kadejah Masih
NVQ Level 3 Facial Electrical, 2020
I did my Level 3 facial electrical course with Filiz who was so professional and down to earth. I was nervous I would not understand everything as English is my second language, however Filiz reassured me and explained everything to me step by step. Filiz explained what all the facial movements do and exactly how to carry them out on clients. My model could not attend the class, so Filiz kindly went and found me a model. I am confident to carry these treatments out on my clientele and will be back to do level 4 next year.
Zoe Kallis
Manicure & Pedicure , 2020
I was actually here on a vacation and came from South Africa. I wanted to return home with a beauty certificate and treatment knowledge of some form. I was surfing the internet and came across Naillounge Training. After speaking to a wonderful lady, I enrolled on the Manicure & Pedicure course. I was so happy with the outcome and was even more happy with the way I was accommodated. I only had a week left of my stay in the UK, however the girls made sure I got a place. The teaching structure and delivery of practical was by far informative and will visit again when in the UK.
Azrah Ravani
Level 2 & 3 Nail Tech, 2020
I attended the nails course which was taught by Filiz. Filiz showed a huge amount of passion for her job and her learners. Her patience and understanding made me feel comfortable being there as I was initially nervous about how I would get along. But that all soon faded out after the first 30 minuets being there. Filiz’s knowledge and skills was of a high standard and throughout the 10 weeks, really felt myself evolve more. Was beyond happy with the service I received and the skills I have left with. I am now applying for my first job in the nail industry.
Yesim Polat
Microdermabrasion, 2020
Great course! I would recommend this course and training provider to anyone looking to start a career in the beauty industry.  The theory is conducted from home two weeks prior to starting, so as soon as you go into the class, your knowledge is tested and imbedded in the practical. Such a smart way of teaching, everything just fits together. In-depth information was provided, Filiz who was my teacher really took her time and went through everything with a fine-tooth comb. She watched my treatment and gave me areas for improvement. I plan to come back to Naillounge Training and learn Gels.
Victoria Jenkins
NVQ Level 3 Beauty Therapy, 2020
My best friend studied at Naillounge Training and recommended them to me. Such professional industry specialists who go above and beyond for their students. It was tough studying with a full-time job and juggling my children, but could not have done it if I went elsewhere. I felt warmth, attentiveness and that the staff actually care about you. They were super supportive and helped me every step of the way. I had regular facetimes and one to ones to help me catch up when I was behind. An amazing place to learn.
I have been in education for over 10 years and wanted a career change. After searching the internet for massage therapy courses, Naillounge Training stuck out from the rest. I enrolled onto a level 3 Massage Therapy Diploma and have not looked back since. I received one to one support and was continuously guided in every step of the way. Naillounge Training staff were sufficient, consistent, dedicated and catered for all my needs. I have now opened my business Aroma Avenue and have built up my very own clientele. I have recently progressed on to the Beauty Therapy Level 2 course which will add more of a variety of services to my fast-growing clientele base.